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How to Apply for Veterans Education Benefits

To receive your VA Education benefits, you must apply through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Processing time generally takes 60 to 90 days. You should apply at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the term you plan to enroll.
Step 1
Before applying for benefits, you must complete an ATC Admissions Application and be accepted into a program of study.
Step 2
Submit official college transcripts and military transcripts if applicable for evaluation.
Step 3
Apply for the GI Bill online.
Step 4
Complete the Veterans Affairs Intake Packet, print out all three pages and bring them to the Admissions Office.
Step 5
Register for classes and pay tuition and fees by the due date. Failure to pay for classes by the due date will result in courses being dropped.
Step 6
Complete the Enrollment Certification Form and submit it to the Admissions Office to get your benefits started.
Attendance RequirementsBenefits
Changes in Enrollment StatusEnrollment Certification
Grading ProceduresPaying for Tuition
Pink Certification FormProgram Change
Program of StudyStandards of Academic Success
Transfer of CreditsConditions for Interruptions of Benefits
Program of Study
The program of study must be approved by the VA to receive education benefits. General Studies and courses offered through Continuing Education are not approved for the GI Bill.
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Benefits will be paid only for those courses required for graduation as outlined in the College’s catalog in your curriculum and for remedial courses required based on results of the placement test.
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Paying for Tuition
Only Chapter 31 and Chapter 33 tuition and fees are paid in advance. All other chapters are responsible for tuition, fees and books. You need to be prepared to pay out-of-pocket expenses to start school. Any financial arrangements must be made in advance.
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Certification Form (pink)
The Certification Form must be completed each semester you enroll in order to be paid for the semester. The pink form notifies the school certifying official you wish to be certified for that term.
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Enrollment Certification
The school certifying official certifies enrollment to the VA. Certifications are generally processed within five (5) business days of receiving the Certification Form. Forms received during centralized registration are processed after the Add/Drop period.
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Program Change
You must notify the school certifying official when you change your program of study. If you are transferring from another college, you must complete the Request for Change of Program or Place of Training Form 22-1995 for veterans or 22-5495 for dependents.
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Conditions for Interruptions of Benefits
Transfer of Credits
An evaluation of military and college transcripts must be completed by the end of the second semester and by the end of the first semester of a new program of study. Information related to transcript evaluation may be obtained in the Enrollment Services Center. Benefits cannot be extended beyond the second semester unless the evaluation process is completed. It is the responsibility of the veteran or dependent to make sure the evaluation has been completed.
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Attendance Requirements
An Attendance Verification form will be mailed to you by the school certifying official each month. Submit the Attendance Verification form to the Admissions Office by the due date to avoid interruption or termination of benefits. This is required for all chapters receiving VA benefits.
Chapters 30, 1606, and 1607 must also verify school attendance with the VA on the last business day of each month at 1(877) 823-2378 or online at
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Changes in Enrollment Status
You must notify the school certifying official and the VA if you drop or withdraw from a course, stop attending or withdraw from school. Failure to do so will cause an overpayment and interruption or termination of benefits. If you add a class, you must notify the school certifying official.
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Standards of Academic Progress (SAP)
In order to maintain benefits, you must meet and maintain satisfactory academic progress while attending Aiken Technical College. In addition to the institution’s Academic Standards of Progress outlined in the catalog, you must also maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA. If a 2.0 cumulative GPA is not maintained during any semester, you will be placed on probation. Failure to achieve a 2.0 GPA during the probationary period (two consecutive semesters) will result in termination of VA education benefits until a 2.0 GPA is earned.
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Grading Procedures
You cannot be paid for an "AU," "E" or "NC" grade. An Incomplete “I” grade is a non-punitive grade as defined by the Veterans Administration. If an "I" grade is received at the end of a semester and further work is required to complete the course, you must complete coursework at your own expense without government reimbursement.
VA will not pay for any course not listed in your curriculum. If electives are listed as part of the curriculum, you cannot exceed the total number of elective hours designated by the program. You must take only electives that are listed as approved electives or electives that have been approved in writing by the department head.
VA will pay for developmental or prerequisite courses only if Placement Test indicates a need for such courses.
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