Financial Aid

Financial Aid - Terms and Conditions

  1. All financial aid recipients are required to read the financial aid section of the ATC Catalog and will be held responsible for understanding the information provided. Information that is unclear to the student should be addressed with a financial aid office representative. The ATC Catalog is available in on-line at
  2. General information is communicated to students through their student e-mail account and financial aid information is communicated through their personal Web Advisor account. Students are responsible for reviewing this information. It is recommended that students review their accounts daily.
  3. The institution often communicates with students via standard mail. It is the student’s responsibility to inform (in writing) the Enrollment Services Center of any address or name changes.
  4. A student who has been selected by the federal processor for verification will be required to submit additional documents (tax transcripts, W-2 Forms, etc.) to the Financial Aid Office before a financial aid award can be made. Failure to do so in a timely manner will delay awarding and may prevent financial aid from being available in time for tuition and fee payment.
  5. Financial aid recipients are required to notify the Financial Aid Office of any scholarships, loans, book allowances or other forms of assistance extended to them from sources outside the college.
  6. The Financial Aid Office reserves the right, on behalf of the College, to review and cancel any award at anytime because of changes in a student’s financial or academic status. Changes are reflected on WebAdvisor and serves as notification of the change.
  7. Any commitment of funds is made contingent upon actual receipt of the funds by the College from the appropriate federal and state agencies.
  8. Financial aid is awarded to a student contingent to their maintaining Title IV Satisfactory Academic Progress. For details click HERE.
  9. Disbursement of a student’s financial aid award (with the exception of work) will be in the form of direct credit to the student’s financial account. One half of the award will be applied each semester.
  10. Financial Aid is awarded based on full-time enrollment. If enrollment drops to part-time aid will be adjusted accordingly within 24-48 hours of the change.
  11. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their tuition is paid in full by the fee due date either by financial aid, payment plan, cash or whatever resource they plan to use. Student’s can check their payment status via WebAdvisor.
  12. A student receiving federal financial aid earns their aid based on the number of days in which they attend class. A recipient that fully withdraws from Aiken Technical College before 60% of the term is completed will have their aid recalculated based on the number of days attended. The unearned aid will be refunded to the appropriate federal financial aid program. A student earns Title IV funds in direct proportion to the length of term they are enrolled.
  13. A student receiving state financial aid and institutional scholarships earn their entitlement based on attendance through the first week of class. However, the recipient’s state aid allocation may be affected should that student fully or partially drop from classes during the first week of classes.
  14. A student may be awarded employment under the Federal Work Study Program (FWSP). The amount of FWSP aid shown on the award letter is the maximum amount of money the student can expect to earn during the academic year as a result of work performed. The student will only be paid for hours worked and obtaining work is contingent on finding campus employment. Work-study earnings are paid directly to the student on a monthly basis. Earnings are direct deposited into the personal savings or checking account of the student.
  15. Financial aid awards are made for one academic year only. Students are responsible for applying annually. Renewal of aid depends upon the student maintaining Title IV Satisfactory Academic Progress, continued need for financial aid assistance and the availability of funds. Applications submitted by May 1 will receive priority consideration.
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