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English Composition I

StatusSection IDMeeting InformationFacultyAvailable/CapacityCredits
OpenENG-101-00108/18/2014-12/01/2014 Lecture Monday, Wednesday 08:00AM - 09:25AM, 700/800 ROOM NUMBERS, Room 785P. Green2/273.00
ClosedENG-101-00208/18/2014-12/01/2014 Lecture Monday, Wednesday 09:35AM - 11:00AM, 700/800 ROOM NUMBERS, Room 785P. Green-5/203.00
ClosedENG-101-00308/18/2014-12/01/2014 Lecture Monday, Wednesday 11:10AM - 12:35PM, 100/200 A.J. LITTLE ADMIN BLD, Room 240K. Zagrodnik-1/203.00
ClosedENG-101-00408/18/2014-12/01/2014 Lecture Monday, Wednesday 12:45PM - 02:10PM, 100/200 A.J. LITTLE ADMIN BLD, Room 240R. Mayer-1/203.00
ClosedENG-101-00508/18/2014-12/01/2014 Lecture Monday, Wednesday 02:20PM - 03:45PM, 700/800 ROOM NUMBERS, Room 785J. Menger-1/203.00
ClosedENG-101-01108/19/2014-11/27/2014 Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 08:00AM - 09:25AM, 100/200 A.J. LITTLE ADMIN BLD, Room 240K. Zagrodnik-3/203.00
ClosedENG-101-01208/19/2014-11/27/2014 Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 09:35AM - 11:00AM, 700/800 ROOM NUMBERS, Room 786J. Menger-3/203.00
ClosedENG-101-01308/19/2014-11/27/2014 Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 11:10AM - 12:35PM, 700/800 ROOM NUMBERS, Room 785J. Menger-3/203.00
OpenENG-101-01408/19/2014-11/27/2014 Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 12:45PM - 02:10PM, 100/200 A.J. LITTLE ADMIN BLD, Room 240K. Zagrodnik1/203.00
OpenENG-101-05508/18/2014-12/01/2014 Lecture Monday, Wednesday 04:25PM - 05:50PM, 100/200 A.J. LITTLE ADMIN BLD, Room 240K. Zagrodnik7/253.00
OpenENG-101-05608/19/2014-11/27/2014 Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 04:25PM - 05:50PM, 100/200 A.J. LITTLE ADMIN BLD, Room 203R. Mayer14/253.00
OpenENG-101-06008/19/2014-11/27/2014 Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 07:35PM - 09:00PM, 100/200 A.J. LITTLE ADMIN BLD, Room 240A. Litfin7/273.00
OpenENG-101-06708/18/2014-12/01/2014 *** Online Section *** Days to be Announced Login into Blackboard, Times to be Announced For Tech Support call (803) 508-7257., Room to be Announced

This is an online class. For information on beginning yourclass, please review this handout.
S. Nichols10/303.00
OpenENG-101-08708/19/2014-11/27/2014 Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 10:50AM - 11:40AM, 1000/1100 DALE PHELON ITC, Room 1006P. Green15/263.00
OpenENG-101-16708/18/2014-12/01/2014 *** Online Section *** Days to be Announced Login into Blackboard, Times to be Announced For Tech Support call (803) 508-7257., Room to be AnnouncedA. Litfin13/303.00
OpenENG-101-46708/18/2014-12/01/2014 *** Online Section *** Days to be Announced Login into Blackboard, Times to be Announced For Tech Support call (803) 508-7257., Room to be AnnouncedP. Green10/303.00

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List of Summer & Fall 2015 Courses

Below is a list of the courses being offered during the Summer and Fall terms of the 2015 semester.
Summer Term Classes Begin/End Add/Drop
Term 1 May 11 - July 27 May 11 - May 15
Term 2 June 8 - July 27 June 8 - June 9
Fall Term Classes Begin/End Add/Drop
Full Term August 17 - November 30 August 17 - August 21
Fall Term 2 October 6 - November 30 October 6 - October 7
For exact times and availability of classes use the Search For Sections feature to check the status of each course.
Summer Term 1Summer Term 2Fall Term 1Fall Term 2

Summer 2015 Term 1

ACC 101 Accounting I
ACC 102 Accounting Principles II
ACC 231 Cost Accounting II
ACR 140 Automatic Controls
ACR 210 Heats Pumps
AHS 163 Long Term Care
AHS 102 Medical Terminology
AHS 120 Responding to Emergencies
AHS 117 The Care of Patients
ART 101 Art History and Appreciation
ART 105 Film As Art
BIO 210 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 211 Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO 112 Basic Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 101 Biological Science I
BIO 102 Biological Science II
BIO 225 Microbiology
BUS 275 Business Internship
BUS 140 Business Mathematics
CHM 110 College Chemistry I
CIM 131 Computer Intergrated Manufactu
COL 103 College Skills
CPT 232 C++ Programming I
CPT 209 Computer Systems Management
CPT 252 Digital Animation
CPT 162 Intro to Web Page Publishing
CPT 101 Introduction to Computers
CPT 212 Visual Basic Programming
DAT 177 Dental Office Experience
ECD 252 Diversity Issues in ECE
ECD 107 Exceptional Children
ECD 105 Guidance-Classroom Management
ECD 131 Language Arts
EEM 215 DC/AC Machines
EEM 201 Electronic Devices I
EET 140 Digital Electronics
EGR 105 Safety in Workplace
EGT 123 Industrial Print Reading
ELT 251 Special Topics in Electronics
ELW 103 Intro to Cable Acc. & Standard
ELW 111 Intro to Electrical Line
ELW 102 Intro to Tower Safety Procedur
ELW 101 Intro to Wireless Technology
ELW 114 Overhead Line Contruction I
EMS 110 Basic Emergency Medical Care
EMS 210 Emergency Medical Care I
EMS 212 Ems Field Internship
EMS 151 Paramedic Clinical I
EMS 232 Paramedic Internship I
ENG 031 Developmental English
ENG 032 Developmental English
ENG 101 English Composition I
ENG 102 English Composition II
ENG 160 Technical Communications
HIM 130 Billing & Reimbursements
HIM 150 Coding Practicum I
HIM 227 Senior Professional Comp
HIS 202 Amer. Hist: 1877 to Present
HIS 201 Amer. Hist: Discovery to 1877
IMT 113 Power Tools Operations
IST 238 Adv Tools Website Design
IST 215 Health Information Networking
IST 246 Integrated Digital Network
MAT 140 Analytical Geometry & Calc I
MAT 141 Analytical Geometry & Calc II
MAT 101 Beginning Algebra
MAT 110 College Algebra
MAT 111 College Trigonometry
MAT 155 Contemporary Mathematics
MAT 031 Developmental Math
MAT 032 Developmental Mathematics
MAT 102 Intermediate Algebra
MAT 120 Probability & Statistics
MED 156 Clinical Experience
MGT 101 Principles of Management
MKT 101 Marketing
MUS 105 Music Appreciation
NUR 201 Transition Nursing
PHY 201 Physics I
PNR 128 Medical/Surgical Nursing I
PSY 201 General Psychology
PSY 235 Group Dynamics
PSY 203 Human Growth and Development
PSY 208 Human Sexuality
PSY 105 Personal/Interpersonal PSY
RAD 276 Advanced Radiography III
RAD 176 Applied Radiography III
RAD 115 Radiographic Imaging II
RAD 230 Radiographic Procedures III
RAD 235 Radiography Seminar I
RDG 031 Developmental Reading
RDG 032 Developmental Reading
REL 103 Comparative Religion
RPT 290 Rpt Internship
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
SPA 101 Elementary Spanish I
SPC 209 Interpersonal Communications
SUR 113 Advanced Surgical Practicum
SUR 120 Surgical Seminar
WLD 111 ARC Welding I
WLD 113 ARC Welding II
WLD 108 Gas Metal ARC Welding I
WLD 141 Weld Quality
WLD 130 Welding Fundamentals
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