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Accessing Internet Courses

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Students access their online, hybrid, and web enhanced courses through the MyATC portal link at the bottom of this page. A list of courses will display in the Blackboard area on the right side of the screen.
Blackboard may be accessed directly at: http://blackboard.atc.edu.
Students usually cannot see their internet classes on Blackboard until the first day of a term.
Some textbook publishers provide content on other servers that are linked to Blackboard. In some cases, the textbook is completely online! Once inside Blackboard, students may be prompted for a “student access key” to view content produced by the textbook publisher. Student access keys may either be bundled with new textbooks or sold separately as stand-alone items. Stand-alone access keys are purchased at the bookstore counter and in some cases online, through the publisher. Ask bookstore personnel for help if you are unsure about these materials. Students may click here to find the syllabus for a specific class. If a “student access key” is required, it will be listed on the syllabus.
It is the policy of Aiken Technical College to encourage and support student academic achievement and progress by adopting an 80% minimum attendance policy for all classes.
Online Course Attendance: An electronic e-mail is required from each student to the instructor by the end of the Add/Drop period. At this time the instructor will drop the student from the course if the e-mail is not received. Except in extenuating circumstances with the approval by the appropriate vice president, instructors drop students from class when 80% attendance is not maintained. Attendance in an online course is defined by correspondence as required by the instructor. After the Add/Drop period, each student will be expected to communicate with the instructor via e-mail, online discussion forum, phone, or appointment at least once each week and access the web class at least once each week. After any three weeks of no communication or no access, the student will be dropped from the course. The instructor will assign a grade of "W" or "WF" based upon the student's academic standing as of the last date of attendance, which is the date of last log-in. Students wishing to withdraw from the course must follow the current ATC policy on withdrawals and refunds.
Occasional Visits to Campus
Some online courses require occasional visits to campus, for exams, etc. Contact your instructor in order to determine if any on-campus visits are required.
Face-to-face Meetings for Hybrid Courses
Consult the printed schedule of courses for meeting days, times, and location for hybrid courses. In general, hybrid courses reduce the number of on-campus meetings but require both on-campus presence and use of the internet.
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