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Online and Hybrid Course Offerings

Fall 2014
Course List
Online and Hybrid Course Offerings
Online courses end with section number 67
Hybrid courses end with section number 51, 31, or 32
Term 1
AHS-102-067Medical Terminology
AHS-102-167Medical Terminology
ART-105-067Film As Art
BIO-101-067Biological Science I
BIO-210-051Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO-210-151Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO-211-051Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO-211-151Anatomy and Physiology II
BUS-140-067Business Mathematics
BUS-225-051Social, Ethical, & Legal Asp.
CHM-110-067College Chemistry I
CPT-101-067Introduction to Computers
CPT-101-167Introduction to Computers
CPT-101-467Introduction to Computers
CPT-101-567Introduction to Computers
CRJ-237-051Defensive Tactics of Law
EEM-166-067Commercial/Industrial Wiring
EGR-105-067Safety in Workplace
EGR-105-167Safety in Workplace
EGR-280-067Chemical Process Operations
ENG-101-067English Composition I
ENG-101-167English Composition I
ENG-101-467English Composition I
ENG-102-067English Composition II
HIM-110-067Health Information Science I
HIS-101-067Western Civilization to 1689
HIS-101-167Western Civilization to 1689
HIS-102-067Western Civ: Post 1689
HIS-201-051Amer. Hist: Discovery to 1877
HIS-202-067Amer. Hist: 1877 to Present
MAT-101-067Beginning Algebra
MAT-101-167Beginning Algebra
MAT-101-467Beginning Algebra
MAT-101-567Beginning Algebra
MAT-102-067Intermediate Algebra
MAT-102-167Intermediate Algebra
MAT-110-067College Algebra
MAT-110-167College Algebra
MAT-120-051Probability & Statistics
MAT-120-067Probability & Statistics
MAT-130-067Elementary Calculus
MAT-155-051Contemporary Mathematics
MAT-160-067Math for Business & Finance
MAT-250-051Elementary Mathematics
MGT-101-067Principles of Management
NQS-105-067Nuclear Quality Standards and
PHI-101-067Introduction to Philosophy
PSC-201-067American Government
PSY-105-067Personal/Interpersonal PSY
PSY-201-051General Psychology
PSY-201-067General Psychology
PSY-201-167General Psychology
PSY-201-467General Psychology
PSY-201-567General Psychology
PSY-203-067Human Growth and Development
PSY-203-167Human Growth and Development
PSY-208-067Human Sexuality
REL-103-067Comparative Religion
REL-103-167Comparative Religion
RPT-223-051Radiation Dosimetry
RPT-233-067Radioactive Materials Handling
SOC-101-067Introduction to Sociology
SOC-101-167Introduction to Sociology
SOC-210-067Juvenile Delinquency
SPC-209-067Interpersonal Communications
SPC-209-167Interpersonal Communications
Term 2
Term 3
Term 4
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