Online Learning - Frequently Asked Questions
How do online courses work?
While students do not have to access courses at a specific time, there are definite beginning/ending dates and courses are not self-paced. Assignments are typically due each week just as in traditional college courses. Successful students usually access their online courses 4 to 5 times per week in order to keep up. Most reading, research and writing are done the same as with traditional courses.
May I start my online class early?
Online classes begin the first day of the term.
Whom do I contact for answers to other questions about online learning courses?
Email the ISM support desk at: support@atc.edu
What is my Blackboard username and password?
Your Blackboard user name is the same as your MyATC user name. Generally, this is your last name plus your first initial, possibly followed by some numbers. Your temporary password for MyATC is the last six digits of your social security number. If you need help, visit the MyATC Portal Login Help page.
How do I know if I will succeed in an online learning course?
To be successful in an online course where there is no immediate interaction with an instructor and classmates, a student must have excellent time-management and study skills.
May I take individual courses without having to come to campus?
Yes, however some courses do require occasional travel to campus for proctored exams, library assignments and lab activities. Check with the instructor before enrolling if travel to campus is a concern.
How do I get started in my online class?
Log into Blackboard on the first day of classes and click on your class. You should be taken to the Announcements page of your course. Read your instructor's announcement thoroughly and follow their directions. If you still have questions, e-mail or call your instructor. You should also thoroughly read the syllabus and ask your instructor anything that is unclear. In addition, clicking on each of the links on the left-hand menu and exploring each area will help you understand how the course is set up.
How do I get to Blackboard?
Click on the MyATC Portal link at the bottom of the college webpage. After logging into the portal, you'll see a list of courses in the Blackboard area on the right side of the screen.

Blackboard may be accessed directly at, blackboard.atc.edu
I signed up for an online class. When will my instructor contact me?
Do not wait for your instructor to contact you. Log onto Blackboard immediately. Our online courses are not self-paced. Online classes begin on the first day of the semester and end on the last day of the semester. Online classes have the same attendance policy as face-to-face courses.
May I take all the courses leading to a degree without coming to campus?
Yes, you can. ATC offers two degrees completely online; Associate of Arts and Network Systems Management. More information about these degrees can be viewed on our Online Degree Programs page. Have questions about these offerings? Contact our Enrollment Services Center at (803) 508-7263.
I am enrolled in an online class and I have
successfully logged into Blackboard but I don't see my class. Where is it?
If you enrolled before the start of the term, you should have access to your course on Blackboard on the first day of the term. If you added the course on or after the first day of the term, you may experience a delay of 48 hours before gaining access to Blackboard. If, after 48 hours, you are still unable to access Blackboard, send an email to: support@atc.edu

In your message, include your name as it appears in the college records, your course number, your section number (e.g. HIS 101 067) and a telephone number where you may be reached.
How do I receive my online course materials?
Students access lessons and assignments through a web browser. Textbooks for some online courses also include a CD ROM with animations, movies and supplemental information. Textbooks and other required materials are available through the Aiken Technical College Bookstore located in the Student Activities Center (900 Building).
Are books and materials the same for online learning and on-campus courses?
Not always. Students must verify that they purchase the textbook required for a course by its specific section number or by its specific syllabus.
Does it cost more to enroll in an online learning course?
Tuition and fees are the same as for other courses offered by the college regardless of delivery format.
Do online learning courses transfer as easily as other Aiken Technical College courses?
Yes. The mode of delivery has nothing to do with a course's acceptance at another institution with which the college has an articulation agreement.

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