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IDS-101 Human Thought and Learning

Credits: 3
This course explores the principles, methods, and application of human thought and learning, including such topics as attention, information processing, problem-solving, hypothesis testing, memory, argumentation, learning theory, and cognitive awareness. 3.0-0.0-3.0

Prerequisite(s)........... ENG-101 or ENG-160

IDS-151 21st Century Workplace

Credits: 1
This course examines the fundamental changes which are occurring in the modern American workplace: international competition, technological change, the quality movement, standardization, customization, and similar forces. It examines these dynamics in particular reference to their impact on interpersonal relations, teamwork, and leadership. This course is for youth programs only. 0.0-3.0-1.0

Prerequisite(s)........... None

IDS-156 Personal Customer Service Skills

Credits: 1
This course takes an in-depth look at the application and implementation of personal communication skills essential to managing successful customer service relations. 1-0-1

Prerequisite(s)........... RWR-032 and MAT-032; or acceptable placement scores.

IDS-201 Leadership Development

Credits: 3
This course focuses on the development of leadership, including philosophy, morals/ethics, and individual ability/style. It is designed to increase students understanding of themselves and the theories and techniques of leadership and group processes by integrating theoretical concepts with the reality of application within a group setting. 3.0-0.0-3.0

Prerequisite(s)........... ENG-101 or ENG-160

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