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General Information
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Bulletin Boards
ATC Bulletin Boards
Bulletin boards, located throughout the campus, are available for posting college-related information. Students must have written permission from the Office of Recruitment and Student Experience (Suite 931) to post or distribute information. Official college announcements will be sent via e-mail and/or posted online to the MyATC portal. It is the responsibility of each student to stay informed of college issues.
Change of Program/Major
A change of program/major often has implications for financial aid. Students who are considering a change of program/major are encouraged to discuss their plans with an advisor and possibly a career counselor so that all options will be considered and the student can make a well informed decision. Additional information and resources are available in the Enrollment Services Center.
Children on Campus
Children may not accompany their parents/guardians to class or be left in any area of the campus unattended or in the care of an on-campus baby-sitter.
Class Interruptions
ATC cannot provide delivery of personal messages, flowers, etc., nor interrupt classes for such purposes. Should a family emergency such as a death, serious illness, or serious injury occur, Enrollment Services staff or Campus Security will attempt to notify the student of the situation. The phone number for Enrollment Services is (803) 508-7263.
Closing of the College
If weather conditions or other emergencies require the closing of ATC, the college will issue appropriate announcements for both day and evening classes. The MyATC portal is the primary messaging system for enrolled students. Announcements will also be provided from the college to local radio and television stations and will be posted on the ATC website.
Students have an opportunity to present both formal and informal complaints regarding their experience at the college. In order to submit a formal complaint, students should talk with a counselor and/or the Vice President of Enrollment Management. If they wish to proceed with the complaint they must follow the process outlined in the Student Code and Student Grievance Procedure. Students are then provided with information regarding the procedure that will be followed in determining the concern they have asked to be addressed.
Most student issues seldom rise to the level of a formal complaint. In some cases, students prefer to state their issue anonymously and suggestion boxes are provided throughout the campus for them. Comments from the suggestion boxes are distributed to members of the college’s Executive Staff for appropriate consideration and/or action.
Consumer Information
Federal mandates require the release of certain consumer information to our students and the public including graduation and placement rates, campus drug policies, and the frequency of crime on campus. This information is distributed in student literature and informational packets and by request. Any student who does not receive such information or who desires further information should direct a request for information to the Vice President of Enrollment Management. Access to individual student records is limited by the Privacy Act of 1974.
Cooperative Education Programs
Aiken Technical College has a variety of different programs that allow students to gain work experience while continuing their education. One example is the Technical Scholars Initiative, which is open to students in certain technical programs. Students attend ATC full-time and work part-time, and the participating companies pay tuition and book costs. Program-specific work experience and internship opportunities are also available on a limited basis through academic departments. Interested students should contact their respective academic department for more information.
Copy Machines
Copy machines are available for student use on a fee basis in multiple locations on campus.
Course Substitutions
A student who wishes to fulfill program requirements by receiving credit for course(s) other than those listed in the student’s program curriculum must receive the written approval of the appropriate advisor and dean using the Course Substitution form available in the Enrollment Services Center.
Dress Code
Appropriate attire is left to the discretion of the individual and is expected not to disrupt the educational process of the college. All students must wear shirts and have on shoes that cover the length of the bottom of the foot. Any student who wears any attire which causes a disruption of normal college functions may be asked to leave campus until he or she obtains appropriate attire.
Electronic Devices in Classrooms
On-call emergency personnel who must maintain electronic devices in “active” mode in the interest of public safety must notify the instructor of their need for an exception to this procedure at the beginning of classes for the term. Faculty may request documentation from these students verifying employment.
Students may not leave a test, communicate with or through electronic devices, and return to complete the test. Students who, by necessity, must take such messages will be required to make arrangements for re-testing.
Emergency Alerts
The college provides an emergency alert messaging system for students who choose to “opt-in” for the service. More information about emergency alert messaging is available through Campus Security, (803) 508-7360.
Field Trips
Students participating in college-sponsored field trips, or representing the college, must adhere to the Student Code.
Fire Drills
The college periodically conducts fire drills without advance notice. Fire alarm boxes are strategically located throughout campus. If you hear the fire alarm or are informed that a fire alarm is active, you should:
  1. Calmly leave the building single file by the nearest exit.
  2. Move to the right in the hallways.
  3. Walk. Do not run or shove when exiting.
  4. Do not return to the building until directed to do so by a college official.
Food Services
Vending machines are available in the cafeteria, located in the Gregg-Graniteville Student Activities Center, and on a limited basis in other campus buildings. The ATC Bookstore also sells a variety of food and beverages.
Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculation
The Grade Point Average (GPA) is used in determining a student’s academic standing. Each course a student completes earns a credit and a quality point (grade point) value. To determine the GPA based on the four-point system used by ATC, use the following steps:
  1. Write down the courses taken and the grade achieved in each course.
  2. Multiply the number of credit hours by the points for each grade earned to determine the quality points for each class. (A = 4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0, WF=0)
  3. Total the quality points (grade points).
  4. Total the credit hours.
  5. Divide the quality points (grade points) by the number of credit hours.
Course Credit Hours Grade = Quality Points
PSY 201 3 C(2) = 6
ENG 101 3 B(3) = 9
BIO 101 4 A(4) = 16
HIS 202 3 D(1) = 3
ECO 210 3 F(0) = 0
Total 16   34
In this example, the student’s GPA for the semester is 2.12 (34 divided by 16). The cumulative GPA represents the grade point average for all the credit hours the student has pursued. A student can calculate his or her cumulative GPA simply by totaling the number of courses and quality points (grade points) earned in all semesters at ATC, then dividing the total quality points by the total number of credits pursued. (See calculation above.)
Honor Code
The ATC Student Honor Code represents a standard of conduct to which each student should aspire: "As a member of the Aiken Technical College community, I am committed to the ideal and practice of honorable behavior. I will conduct myself in a civil manner, respect the rights and property of others, and support the College’s values and educational mission. I will maintain personal and academic integrity in all aspects of campus life. I recognize the dignity of all individuals and will respect and learn from the ideas represented in our collective diversity. I will uphold the Aiken Technical College standard of excellence."
Intellectual Property
In accordance with Aiken Technical College Policy No. 1-3-109 (Intellectual Property Rights), the efforts of students in class projects that become marketable are subject to the same regulations as those in place for faculty and staff. For a more detailed description please feel free to visit with a counselor.
Lost and Found
Students who have lost or found items should contact Campus Security, Building 650, (803) 508-7911.
No pets are allowed on campus.This does not include service animals for students with documented disabilities requiring their use.
Physical Access to Buildings for Students with Disabilities
ATC Students with Disabilities
Each building on the ATC campus has an accessible entrance for students with physical disabilities and has an elevator in each building that contains multiple levels.
Print credits may be purchased in any dollar amount from the bookstore and may be used for library and classroom printing. The bookstore accepts cash and financial aid payments for print credits. Must have a picture ID. Print credits may also be purchased online through the MyATC portal using a credit card.
Smoking Policy
The use of tobacco, tobacco-related, and electronic cigarettes is prohibited on the Aiken Technical College campus. Banned products include, but are not limited to: cigarettes, electronic cigarettes of all types, cigars, pipes, and smokeless tobacco.
Solicitation/Canvassing and Fund Raising on Campus
The Director of Recruitment and Student Experience must provide prior written permission for anyone to distribute or present political, social, religious, or other promotional material on campus. In general, solicitation or canvassing on campus is forbidden with the exception of Student Government Association (SGA)-sponsored events and activities such as blood drives, relief efforts, and SGA elections.
Student Responsibilities
Students are responsible for actively engaging in the learning process. It is critical that students read and understand the procedures and information provided in the Catalog and the Student Handbook, the semester course schedules and other notices sent to students. All students are provided with a free e-mail account and are expected to check this account frequently. The college will use this e-mail system for official college news and announcements. Orientation sessions assist students with this information, but it is the responsibility of the student to ask for additional information as needed.
Student Intellectual Property Rights
ATC has developed policies regarding the ownership of materials, compensation, copyright issues and the use of revenue derived from the creation and production of intellectual property developed by faculty, staff and students.
Suggestion Boxes
Throughout campus there are several student suggestion boxes for anonymous student input.
Students attending ATC must make their own arrangements for transportation to and from the campus. The college is on the route of Aiken County’s public bus system, the Best Friend Express.
Contact the Best Friend Express at (803) 648-6493 for a schedule. Bus passes are available for purchase at the Cashier’s Office in room 128.

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