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Aiken Technical College offers a variety of online and hybrid courses. In addition, many face-to-face courses are supplemented with online materials through the college’s course management system.

Definitions of Online, Hybrid, and Supplemental Courses
The course is 100% online. Students taking an online class must have reliable access to a computer with an Internet connection to take the course because the entire grade will depend on work that can only be completed online. Students may have to come to campus to utilize college resources, such as the Academic Success Center or Learning Resource Center. These classes are indicated in the schedule with a section code that ends in 67.
This is considered a blended course. A hybrid class trades about 50% of its traditional campus contact hours for online work. Students must have reliable access to a computer with an internet connection because 50% of the grade will depend on work that can only be completed online. These classes are indicated in the schedule with a section code that ends in 51.
Instructors teaching scheduled on-campus classes have the option to use the college’s course management system as a supplement to their class. At a minimum, these instructors provide a syllabus addendum, course information, and instructor contact information online. The course itself is delivered in a traditional face-to-face setting with no reduction in the usual face-to-face meeting time or number of meetings.
Proctored Final Exams
Students enrolled in online courses will be required to take their final exam either on campus or at a college-approved proctoring site.
If the student lives within 60 miles of campus, the student will take his or her final exam on campus. The instructor will inform students of the time and location of the exam. If the student is unable to be on campus at that time, the student must make alternate arrangements with the instructor.
If the student lives more than 60 miles away from campus, the student may elect to take the final exam with a college-approved proctor. Students in South Carolina can take their final exam at the testing center of the nearest Technical College. Students outside of South Carolina must submit a Proctor Agreement Form at least three weeks prior to the final exam. The student is responsible for taking the exam on the scheduled date/time. The student is responsible for any costs associated with the use of the off-campus proctor site.
Online Attendance Policy
The student is required to login to the course by the end of the Add/Drop period and communicate as the instructor directs to verify attendance. At the end of the Add/Drop period, the instructor will drop the student from the course if there is no evidence of activity from the student. Except in extenuating circumstances, and with the approval of the appropriate dean, instructors drop students from the class when 80% attendance is not maintained. Attendance in an online course is defined by correspondence as required by the instructor. After any three weeks of no communication or no access, the student will be dropped from the course. The instructor will assign a grade of “W” or “WF” based upon the student’s academic standing as of the last date of attendance, which is the date of last login.
Students wishing to withdraw from the course must follow the current ATC policy on withdrawals and refunds.

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