Aiken Technical College Celebrates 50 Years: Educating Minds, Changing Lives, and Enriching Communities

Aiken Technical College kicked off a year-long celebration in September 2021 to commemorate the upcoming 50th anniversary of ATC educating minds, changing lives, and enriching communities. In almost five decades, Aiken Technical College has enrolled nearly 52,000 individuals and awarded more than 16,000 degrees, diplomas and certificates to over 13,000 alumni. ATC has grown into a multi-service, two-year comprehensive college offering numerous educational and workforce development opportunities through academic programs, noncredit courses, and corporate training solutions. 

Over the past 50 years, the dedication of College administration, faculty, staff, and local officials have enabled ATC to be on the forefront of promoting technical education and increasing access to higher education.

Today, ATC serves about 2,000 credit students per semester, with 55 full-time and 121 part-time faculty members and 78 full-time staff and 29 part-time staff members. ATC has more than 45 associate degree, diploma, and certificate programs in areas of health sciences, public service, business, engineering, manufacturing, nuclear, computer technology, and college transfer. 

ATC’s 50th anniversary year in 2022 will provide an incredible opportunity for students, alumni, employees, retirees, and community partners to share their stories and photos capturing their own amazing starts and experiences in connection with the College. We hope everyone will continue to explore and enjoy these memories throughout the anniversary year.

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Message from the President Dr. Forest Mahan

As Aiken Technical College begins to celebrate 50 years of service and education to Aiken County and the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA), we are proud of all that we have accomplished in our first 50 years and are excited to continue our legacy of “Educating Minds, Changing Lives and Enriching Communities.”

Classes for ATC began in temporary facilities in Aiken, SC. One hundred and seventy-seven students enrolled in the first class of what was then the Aiken Technical Education Center. The current campus opened in the winter of 1973. The name was changed to Aiken Technical College in March 1978.

The number of certificates and degrees earned, courses completed, dual enrollment students registered, students transferred, and jobs filled by graduates are important measures of achievement that demonstrate the significant relationship between the College, Aiken County, and the CSRA. ATC has had a lasting, positive impact that from its founding has responded to the region’s workforce needs over the last five decades.

As we celebrate 50 years of service, we honor the people, accomplishments, and successes that have paved the way for ATC.

I invite you to join us as we celebrate our past and our success as we look forward to a bright future where ATC continues to improve the lives of our students, our region, and South Carolina.

President Dr. Forest E. Mahan

5th President of Aiken Technical College