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Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategic Plan


Aiken Technical College seeks to be the first choice for higher education in the region.


Aiken Technical College is a public, open-door, two-year, comprehensive institution of higher education established to provide citizens of greater Aiken County opportunities for educational and workforce development.

Our Values

ATC's core values define the College and provide the environment for all decisions and actions. These core values are:

  • Collaboration - Exemplified  in community-centered relationships and partnerships.
  • Commitment - Exemplified in students, businesses and community.
  • Diversity - Exemplified in inclusiveness, respect and compassion.
  • Excellence - Exemplified in teaching, learning, engagement and development.
  • Innovation - Exemplified in new approaches, risk-taking, flexibility, change and leadership.
  • Integrity - Exemplified by honesty, accountability and transparency.

2017-2022 Institutional Goals

Institutional Goal I

Provide transformative, enriching and engaging academic programs and student experiences to serve the educational and workforce development needs of our students and the region.

  1. Address evolving regional workforce and educational needs through effective planning and programming.
  2. Expand facility capabilities and capacity to maximize utilization and to create an innovative teaching and learning environment for students.
  3. Increase value-added interactions between students, faculty and industry that educate and empower students in the region for employment.
  4. Create a student-centered campus experience that improves ease of access and expands engagement opportunities.

Institutional Goal II

Position the College as the first choice for education and workforce development through effective communication, promotion and branding.

  1. Earn a reputation as the first choice for education and workforce development through scholarship, service and employment accomplishments.
  2. Expand visibility of the College's successful educational, economic and community impact through an integrated and comprehensive marketing approach.
  3. Inform students, parents and community members about the College's enriching educational possibilities.
  4. Communicate regarding events, opportunities and policies to inform and engage the entire campus.

Institutional Goal III

Create strategic collaborations with academic, community and industry partners to develop and empower students through additional educational opportunities.

  1. Build a regional competitive advantage in collaboration with industry and academic partners that advances the educational and technological capabilities of the region.
  2. Partner with regional high schools to create a more fluid continuum from secondary through post-secondary education with multiple avenues for entry and exit.
  3. Facilitate ongoing information exchanges and engagements regarding regional workforce needs with community and advisory groups.
  4. Collaborate with community and industry sectors to increase student opportunities for workplace exposure for professional development.

Institutional Goal IV

Cultivate an engaging environment of excellence to attract, retain and develop a diverse campus of students, staff, faculty and administrators.

  1. Create an inclusive and supportive environment that attracts and retains a diverse student body.
  2. Diversify the teaching and learning environment by attracting and retaining highly qualified faculty and staff.
  3. Recognize and award innovative and adaptive educational experiences that support successful academic outcome attainment through policies and practices.
  4. Leverage and expand technology that supports student learning, faculty teaching, administrative services and organizational efficiencies.

Institutional Goal V

Expand organizational funding through regional support, student enrollment, and grants to provide innovative learning opportunities for students.

  1. Increase student recruitment and retention that grows the quality and quantity of the student body.
  2. Secure grants and foundation support at federal, state, regional and community levels that improve student learning opportunities.
  3. Anticipate, address and adapt to ongoing budget realities through exceptional stewardship and transparency.
  4. Innovate and diversify funding opportunities that support students, faculty, staff and facility expansion.
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2017-2022 Strategic Plan
Aiken Technical College Strategic Plan for 2017 to 2022

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