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Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategic Plan


We envision Aiken Technical College as a catalyst for developing educated, engaged and employable individuals whose collective energy will be the driving force for prosperity and the quality of life in our diverse communities.


Aiken Technical College is a public, open-door, two-year, comprehensive institution of higher education established to provide citizens of greater Aiken County opportunities for educational, economic, professional, civic and personal development. Through its focus on teaching and learning, the college supports economic growth and community development by educating and training students for entry into the workforce or for further higher education.

Our Values

ATC's core values define the College and provide the environment for all decisions and actions. These core values are:

  • Education - Education is the key to individual, community, and economic development in a complex technological society.
  • Commitment to Students - Students deserve the finest instruction, resources and services to enhance their growth and development.
  • Excellence - The College promotes excellence in personnel, programs and work environment while encouraging integrity, accountability and respect for individuals.
  • Community - Partnerships that develop solutions to community challenges are important to economic vitality and quality of life.
  • Diversity - Respect for diversity is an important part of the educational process.

2012-2017 Institutional Goals

Institutional Goal I

Empower our students through life-changing education and training experiences to become productive and committed citizens.

  1. Evolve curricula to respond to current and future educational and workforce development needs.
  2. Create teaching and learning environments to foster student access and success.
  3. Engage students in holistic development experiences for personal and professional growth.

Institutional Goal II

Promote the College as a regional leader of excellence in education, training, and workforce development.

  1. Develop a dynamic image and marketing plan to position ATC as the regional college of choice.
  2. Identify and develop market niches that position the college to provide unique educational learning opportunities.
  3. Convene community and business leaders to create opportunities for excellence in educational and economic development.

Institutional Goal III

Establish collaborative partnerships to advance educational attainment of area citizens.

  1. Partner with the business community to identify and develop resources and programs to assist regional economic development.
  2. Collaborate with regional K-12 partners to create seamless educational pathways.
  3. Create a continuum of educational opportunities with senior colleges and universities.
  4. Forge alliances with community organizations to offer programs and services that support the college.

Institutional Goal IV

Achieve a College culture of excellence through the deployment of an evidence-based continuous improvement system.

  1. Create student centered systems to maximize student success.
  2. Develop a college workforce of excellence that exceeds customer expectations in the delivery of programs and services.
  3. Achieve excellence in programs and services through integrated planning, budgeting and assessment systems.
  4. Deploy technology systems to enhance student learning, improve services and achieve administrative efficiency.
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