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Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategic Plan


Aiken Technical College seeks to be the first choice for higher education in the region.


Aiken Technical College is a public, open-door, two-year, comprehensive institution of higher education established to provide citizens of greater Aiken County opportunities for educational and workforce development.

Our Values

ATC's core values define the College and provide the environment for all decisions and actions. These core values are:

  • Collaboration - Exemplified  in community-centered relationships and partnerships.
  • Commitment - Exemplified in students, businesses and community.
  • Diversity - Exemplified in inclusiveness, respect and compassion.
  • Excellence - Exemplified in teaching, learning, engagement and development.
  • Innovation - Exemplified in new approaches, risk-taking, flexibility, change and leadership.
  • Integrity - Exemplified by honesty, accountability and transparency.

2022-2027 Institutional Goals

Institutional Goal I

Enhance and expand credit and noncredit offerings to better align with diverse workforce and student needs.

1.1. Offer more in-person and online courses to meet student and faculty needs.

1.2. Increase offering of industry-supportive programs to meet workforce needs.

1.3. Explore value-added academic offerings to support the community.

1.4. Expand college dual-enrollment and college transfers programs and opportunities.

1.5. Leverage qualitative and quantitative data to inform course offerings and activities.

Institutional Goal II

Improve student enrollment, retention, and graduation through inclusive academic and extracurricular experiences.

2.1. Design a holistic college experience from outreach to matriculation for students.

2.2. Explore and expand extracurricular activities and events to grow engagement.

2.3. Capture and leverage more data and interactions for current and potential students.

2.4. Enhance diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, activities, and measurement.

2.5. Continue to address wrap-around services needed by students for academic success.

Institutional Goal III

Diversify and expand revenue streams to increase financial stability in a changing fiscal landscape.

3.1. Increase student knowledge of and access to financial aid for college tuition.

3.2. Develop responsive grant writing capability to pursue federal, state, and local grants.

3.3. Expand dual-enrollment, industry certifications, and continuing education efforts.

3.4. Engage alumni with unique and value-added experiences and gifting opportunities.

3.5. Reengage students who have college credits but who have not reenrolled or graduated.

Institutional Goal IV

Invest in infrastructure and technology for increased student success and operational efficiency.

4.1. Pursue a reimagined campus with spaces and opportunities for increased connections.

4.2. Improve the visibility, appearance, and functionality of classes to increase satisfaction.

4.3. Facilitate welcoming, safe, and engaging physical and virtual campus environments.

4.4. Maintain state of art academic technology systems to support changing educational needs.

4.5. Create systems that facilitate and automate enrollment, retention, and graduation.

Institutional Goal V

Develop stronger community, academia, and industry partnerships and relationships through enhanced marketing and outreach.

5.1. Increase engagement with industry-based advisory committees and other partnerships for key programs.

5.2. Expand dual-enrollment program and partnership with K12 schools.

5.3. Build ATC brand and value of its two-year offerings relative to alternatives.

5.4. Enhance student apprenticeship programs to facilitate job placements.

5.5. Improve internal/external communication of curricular and extracurricular opportunities.

Institutional Goal VI

Cultivate an inclusive college environment that supports the growth, development, and retention of diverse students, faculty, and staff.

6.1. Attract and retain the most talented and diverse students, faculty, staff, and volunteers.

6.2. Continue fostering a culture where students, faculty, and staff can thrive and succeed.

6.3. Encourage cross-departmental communication, collaboration, and consistency.

6.4. Expand professional development opportunities for students, faculty and staff.

6.5. Engage with and support ever-changing populations in the broader community.

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2022-2027 Strategic Plan

The 2022-2027 Strategic Plan for Aiken Technical College contains six strategic goals to drive the College's operations, initiatives, and programming. The plan will take effect July 1, 2022.

View the Strategic Plan

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