Disability Services

Aiken Technical College (ATC) provides reasonable accommodations for students with varying types and degrees of disabilities. Accommodations are provided for students with such disabilities, chronic health disorders, and psychological and temporary disabilities.


Services Available


  • Arrangements for test proctoring
  • Assistance with locating audio books
  • Assistance with study skills
  • Consultations upon request
  • Coordination of sign language interpreters
  • Distraction-free testing
  • Help with choosing classes that best meet your learning style
  • Information resources
  • Liaison service with state rehabilitation agencies
  • Personal counseling
  • Review of facilities accessibility
  • Tips for improving note-taking skills
  • Various support groups (dependent upon student need and interest

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Eligibility for Disability Services


In order to be eligible, you are responsible for providing current documentation from a qualified professional to assess the presence of a disability before services can be provided. We also consider your description of how your disability affects learning in making reasonable accommodations. Finally, we work closely with faculty to determine how to best implement those accommodations.


Registering for Services

To request services, contact the Student Wellness & Accessibility Manager to schedule an appointment during the semester prior to your enrollment. You may make a request at any time, but you should be prepared for possible delays if you wait until near the start of classes to make your request. Be sure to bring the required documentation to your appointment indicating the presence of a disability and a description of the disability, or have it mailed/e-mailed/faxed to the Student Wellness & Accessibility Manager prior to your appointment.


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Emergency Contacts

In case of an emergency, for immediate assistance call 911.

Security Office/Emergency: (803) 508-7911

Aiken County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff's Office: (803) 642-1762

Or visit: www.aikencountysheriff.org