Procurement Services

Procurement Services provides support in establishing payment terms, selection of vendors, contract negotiations, and purchasing goods that are vital to the college. Procurement Services is happy to assist with operational support and procuring goods and services at the lowest possible cost for all areas of the campus.

The Procurement Office is dedicated to supporting the mission and goals of Aiken Technical College by providing service to the entire college commuity. The office is responsible for efficiently and effectively responding to the purchasing needs of hte college by procuring goods and services in accordance with the S.C. Consolidated Procurement Code.

This website lists proposed procurements involving goods, services and information technology valued above $10,000 (up to $50,000). According to the S.C. Consolidated Procurement Code, solicitations by state government agencies in estimated or actual value over $10,000 must also appear in South Carolina Business Opportunities. All procurements above $50,000 are procured by the MMO or ITMO offices. See more at

Aiken Technical College currently has a certification level of $50,000.00 per commitment.

Aiken Technical College reserves the right to make modifications to the contents of this website without prior notice to the vendor. If a discrepency occurs with this website, the contents of the solicitation and/or purchase order will govern.

Open Solicitations and Awards

900 Building Roof Replacement

Solicitation Number H59-6198-PD Deadline for Submission 3/28/2023 Buyer Dora Robson Number of Pages 189

Bookstore Operations Management

Solicitation Number 2022-2023-003 Deadline for Submission 2/2/2023 Buyer Dora Robson Number of Pages 55

Enrollment Marketing Automation

Solicitation Number 2021-2022-008 Deadline for Submission 4/21/2022 Buyer Dora Robson Number of Pages 37

Marketing & Creative Design Services

Solicitation Number 2021-2022-003 Deadline for Submission 11/26/2021 Buyer Dora Robson Number of Pages 41

Employee Assistance Program

Solicitation Number 2021-2022-004 Deadline for Submission 11/19/2021 Buyer Dora Robson Number of Pages 34

Drone Package and Accessories

Solicitation Number 2021-2022-002 Deadline for Submission 10/14/2021 Buyer Dora Robson Number of Pages 27

Strategic Plan Development

Solicitation Number 2021-2022-0006 Deadline for Submission 7/27/2021 Buyer Dora Robson Number of Pages 17
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