Quality Enhancement Plan

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is a document developed by the institution that, 

  • includes a process identifying key issues emerging from institutional assessment,
  • focuses on learning outcomes and/or the environment supporting student learning and accomplishing the mission of the institution,
  • demonstrates institutional capability for the initiation, implementation, and completion of the QEP,
  • includes broad-based involvement of institutional constituencies in the development and proposed implementation of the QEP, and
  • identifies goals and a plan to assess their achievement.

An initial QEP Steering Committee developed a Topic Selection process that began with Student and Faculty/Staff QEP Focus Groups in January and February 2009. Focus groups were asked to address the following: “In your experience, what do ATC students struggle with most in their studies that negatively impacts their learning?” The results revealed twenty themes related to student learning struggles. The QEP Topic Selection Committee narrowed the list to three topics to be further studied and abstract proposals to be developed and put fourth for a campus wide vote in September 2009. The three top topics were critical thinking, study skills, and English/writing. When all ballots were counted, the critical thinking topic received the highest votes and is now the College’s QEP topic.

Aiken Technical College’s (ATC) Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) “READ, WRITE, ACHIEVE!” targets four core student success goals:

  • Improving student awareness and utilization of reading and writing student support services;
  • Improving transition rates of students requiring developmental/transitional coursework to college-transfer English courses;
  • Improving student reading outcomes; and
  • Improving student writing outcomes.

The College envisions that the QEP will positively impact the ATC community, support the College mission, and help students achieve the College’s Core Educational Outcomes through the following expected outcomes:


The ATC Students Will:

  • Gain awareness and utilize Student Success Center Resources to include, coaching, tutoring and/or counseling as needed.
  • Complete and participate in Accuplacer Placement Testing as part of the Aiken technical College admissions process, when applicable.


The ATC Faculty Will:

  • In collaboration with the Student Success Center (SSC) will,​

- Create and utilize an early warning process for students needing additional support
- Offer coaching as needed to students
- Offer Academic workshops
- Conduct in-class student information sessions regarding available resources through the SSC
- Track and record student visits to the SSC

  • Implement common novels beginning FAll 2020 to bring greater consistency to instruction across all English 101 sections
  • Individually, pursue relevant professional development to support the QEP initiatives     


The College Community Will:

  • Gain an awareness and understanding of the QEP, “READ, WRITE, ACHIEVE!”
  • Actively participate in the continued development, promotion, and implementation of the QEP.
  • Provide support and resources to successfully implement and sustain the QEP.

It will aid our community’s most disadvantaged population in attaining their educational goals and ultimately finding gainful employment. It further reflects the core values of ATC, specifically Excellence in teaching, learning, engagement, and development, as well as Innovation via new approaches, risk-taking, flexibility, change, and leadership. The innovative elements of ATC’s plan—particularly the implementation of a co-requisite approach, eschewing traditional transitional/developmental strategies—involve some level of risk, though this will be mitigated by careful stewardship of the plan, continual assessment of the plan’s elements, and flexible modification of the QEP based on this assessment.

ATC’s “READ, WRITE, ACHIEVE!” QEP is directly linked to ATC’s mission to provide the citizens of greater Aiken County opportunities for educational and workforce development.

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