Data Philosophy

Aiken Technical College’s institutional data¹ resource, by definition, practice, and intent, is a College asset. Institutional data maintained by the College is a vital asset that will be available to all employees who have a legitimate need for it, consistent with the College’s responsibility to protect such information by all appropriate means. The collection, dissemination and use of institutional data in decision-making are critical to improving educational effectiveness and achieving a culture of evidence.

A graphic providing information on the focus areas for different teams at Aiken Technical College.

Senior Administration

  • Policy, Standards and Strategy
  • Management Alignment
  • Resource Allocation

Information Systems Management

  • Architecture/Integration
  • Privacy & Security
  • Data Warehouse

Planning and Research

  • Data Gateway
  • Data Quality
  • Institutional Reporting

Institutional data refers to a data element which satisfies one or more of the following criteria:

  • It is relevant to planning, managing, operating, controlling, or auditing functions of an administrative or academic unit of the College;
  • It is created, received, maintained, or transmitted as a result of educational activities;
  • It is generally referenced or required for use by more than one organizational unit;
  • It is included in an official College administrative report or publication;
  • It is used to derive an element that meets the criteria above; and,
  • It is generated by a College workforce member using any of the above data.
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