Institutional Effectiveness

Welcome to the Aiken Technical College Data Gateway. Institutional Data is a valuable College asset. The Data Gateway contains information regarding the College’s students, faculty, staff and resources. In order to protect this valuable asset, and ensure the sharing of it in an accurate and consistent manner, all the institutional data (except as noted) is centralized in the Office of Planning and Research. The office of Planning and Research serves as the source of comprehensive information regarding Aiken Technical College by collecting, analyzing, and disseminating reliable institutional data in a responsive, timely, and ethical manner.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Planning and Research is to serve as the official source for providing accurate, relevant, and timely information (paper form, electronic, and web-based) to decision makers at Aiken Technical College, the Aiken County Commission for Technical Education and other stakeholders to promote and sustain a culture of evidence and inquiry. In addition, the Office of Planning and Research provides a variety of information and research services to administrators, faculty, staff, and students that are intended to improve teaching, learning, and services throughout the college, and to foster continuous improvements through institutional effectiveness and assessment.


  • Improve the quality of the data, including accuracy, timeliness, and definition;
  • Improve the security of the data, including confidentiality and protection from loss;
  • Improve ease of access, assuring that data are easily located, easily accessed once located, and that people have enough information about the data to understand what they have found; provide clear and accessible documentation about data; make data more accessible to non-technical users;
  • Reduce the redundancy of the data, by supporting sharing of data rather than replicating it in multiple sources and by integrating data from separate operational systems;
  • Provide the College with the opportunity to make data accessible from legacy systems, bridging the gap until new systems are in place; and,
  • Prepare the College for potential conversions to new systems by improving data and processes.
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