Technical Advanced Placement (TAP) Information

Technical Advanced Placement (TAP) is an educational opportunity for high school students to get ahead in their college education and save money while doing it. Qualified students in certain academic programs may receive Technical Advanced Placement (TAP) credit for approved courses completed in high school. Information about TAP credit is available through the Enrollment Services Center.


  • Save time by applying high school credits toward a degree, diploma, or certificate at ATC
  • Save money by reducing college tuition and book costs
  • Accelerate toward college graduation by maximizing credit earned and reducing college course load
  • Applying for and obtaining TAP credit is free


  • ATC has agreements with area high schools to award TAP credit for select courses. Course eligibility is based on demonstrated mastery of specific competencies.
  • Students must enroll at ATC within 18 months from the date of high school graduation, request TAP credit, and meet other Aiken Technical College requirements for enrollment.
  • ATC will contact students enrolled in TAP eligible courses at Aiken County Public High Schools to advise them of the availability of TAP credit.

Awarding of credit:

  • TAP credit is awarded as exemption credit. Exemption credit does not factor into a student’s grade point average.
  • TAP credits may transfer from Aiken Technical College to other technical colleges (and possibly some senior institutions). The decision to accept or not to accept TAP credit rests with the receiving institution.

Current TAP Agreements

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