STEAM ROOM: A MakerSpace for students, faculty and staff

The ATC Library has a MakerSpace called The STEAM Room, for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math.  A MakerSpace provides a place outside of the classroom where students can come together to create, experiment and learn at their own pace.  It gives kinesthetic learners a place to explore on their own, promotes collaboration among students and offers the campus a space for technology that can be used across all disciplines.  The STEAM Room includes: 

• Computers with various software programs 

• 3-D printer and scanner 

• Laser engraver for ceramic, wood, aluminum, slate and leather 

• Video camera  

• Green screen 

• Electronic circuit kits 

• Robotics kits - Raspberry Pi, Arduino 

• Art supplies 

• Virtual Reality equipment 

• Vinyl cutter 

• Jewelry making supplies 

• Lightboard 

• Media lab/recording studio 

• Services such as 3D design, video editing, and home video to digital conversion 



Room 1001, 1000/1100 Building

(803) 508-7430