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  • TEAS Version 5 – Test of Essential Academic Skills
  • $90
  • Mandatory 3.5 hours
  • PN Comp Predictor
  • $85
  • Mandatory 2.0 hours

These tests will not be administered if the mandatory amount of time is not available.

TEAS for the first time, you will need to create an account on the right hand side of the following website, You will need to write down your login information (I.e., username, password) and bring it with you for testing. While creating your account, you will select Aiken Technical College LPN/ADN which is listed under Graniteville. You may or may not have an ID number, but it can be created later if necessary.

For Nursing Programs

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS V) from ATI is proven to be a statistically significant predictor of early nursing program success. *With it, you'll recognize which students need extra attention and which ones are not a good fit for your program.

*Defined by meeting proficiency level two or higher on the ATI Fundamentals Assessment

  • 87% of RN students who scored at the advanced or exemplary level on TEAS V were successful in Fundamentals, compared to 76% who scored at the developmental level and were successful
  • Similarly, 94% of PN student who scored at the advanced or exemplary level on TEAS V were successful in Fundamentals, while 91% who scored at the developmental level struggled

The TEAS V and Discover are multiple-choice assessments measuring basic academic preparedness in reading, math, science, English and language usage. The objectives assessed in our tests are those that nursing and allied health educators deem most relevant for measuring entry level skills and abilities of program applicants. The test not only predicts the performance of incoming candidates, it also helps educators gain advance knowledge of the strengths and areas needing development of those that are accepted into the program.

Be prepared to take the test! View available TEAS Test Study Guides.

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