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Students attending college for the first time must take the ATC Accuplacer Placement test or send acceptable SAT/ACT test scores to the Enrollment Services Center. You will then have to make an appointment for orientation and advisement.

Continuing or returning students will be assigned an advisor according to their program of study. You are responsible for making an appointment with your advisor prior to the start of the semester. Your advisor will then release you to register.

Once you've been approved, please follow the below steps:

1. Login to your MyATC Portal. The link is available in Student Resources located at the top of every webpage.

2. Click on “Self-Service” located under “Student Links” (the middle top box on the MyATC Portal home page).

3. Click on “Student Planning.”

4. Click on “Plan and Schedule.”

5. When this page opens, you will see the courses that have been planned and approved for you by your advisor.  Please make sure that each class has a green thumbs up.  If there are NO green thumbs up, you have not been approved, and you CANNOT register.

6. For each course that you wish to register, select “View Available Sections.”  All sections will appear.  Any sections in RED are closed and not available for registration.  For some courses, such as ENG 101, there may be more than one page of sections. 

7. Once you find a section that works for you/your schedule, click the yellow box in the list on the left side of the page, or you can click on the blue text of the box on the scheduling grid.  A smaller window will open.  Click the “Add section” box on the right side of the window.

8. This action will cause all other open courses to close.  For the course that has a section selected, a “Register” button will appear.  The “Register Now” button will also appear in the upper right section of the Student Planning page. 

9. Continue selecting sections until you have a schedule that meets your needs.

10. If you have not registered at this point, click “Register Now” in the upper right corner.  A disclaimer from the Business office will appear.  Read and click “OK.” 

11. The registration process will take a few moments.  You will know you are successfully registered when you see ALL green checks.

12. Once you have registered, you can then print your schedule.

A listing of current term and next term classes are available to view by visiting our Current Offerings page. Click on the course you are interested in to see what days and times it is available.

If you attempt to register for a course section in Self-Service that is closed due to capacity, then you will be able to choose the wait list option if the course section has that feature available. 

Please note that not all courses include the wait list option.

Grades may be viewed on WebAdvisor. You can get to WebAdvisor by visiting the MYATC Portal. A link to the MYATC Portal is available in Student Resources located at the top right of every webpage.

Once in the MyATC Portal:

  1. On the bottom right-hand side, click "WebAdvisor for Students"
  2. Click "Academic Planning"
  3. Click "Grades" (fifth item down)
  4. Choose a term
  5. Click "Submit"

Grades for the term selected will populate.

You may retrieve your information online by visiting the Information Systems Management webpage and following the the instructions found in this document: MyATC Portal setup and features.pdf

Have a question that is not answered above? Review the Frequently Asked Questions document for additional information.

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