Potential Employers

Area industries, in coordination with Aiken Technical College, offer sponsorships for Technical Scholars in the following Associate Degree areas (or programs as indicated):

  • Computer Technology (CPT)
  • Electronics Engineering Technology (EET)
    -Electronics Emphasis
    -Computer Electronics
  • General Technology
    -Engineering Graphics (EGT)
    -Welding (WLD)
  • Industrial Maintenance (IMT)
  • Machine Tool Technology (MTT)
  • Radiological Control (RPT)

Technical Scholars, a two to three-year commitment, enables qualified students to attain an associate degree from Aiken Technical College, while working for local industries.  Technical Scholars provides the student with a unique opportunity to gain academic and practical experience simultaneously.  The participating student attends class full-time each semester and works at his or her sponsoring company fifteen to twenty hours per week.  The sponsoring company pays for the student’s books and tuition remaining after all applicable financial aid.  In addition to an hourly wage ($14 minimum), the company may provide a fringe benefit package at its discretion. Company representatives will provide information about such benefits at the time of hire. 

Participation in Technical Scholars does not obligate the company or the student to full-time employment following graduation.


Through Technical Scholars, the College and participating industries prepare students for rewarding careers as highly skilled technicians through a cooperative arrangement, which combines classroom theory with practical, on-the-job experiences.


1.   To provide appropriate technical training, area industries and the College collaborate in the on-going development, implementation, and evaluation of Technical Scholars sponsorship requirements.

2.   To incorporate essential knowledge, skills, and experiences into a coordinated sequence of academic courses and on-the-job training.

3.   To select students with the potential to complete a rigorous academic and experiential curriculum which will prepare them for success in highly technical careers.

4.   To provide alternative educational experiences for academically qualified individuals entering technical careers.

5.   To enable any deserving student to obtain an associate degree in selected technical fields regardless of the student’s financial status by providing scholarships and paid cooperative work experiences.

6.   To provide an opportunity for graduates to secure rewarding careers with outstanding area industries.

7.   To develop (and provide) qualified individuals for area industries through an on-going, proven process of selecting, training, and promoting high-quality technicians.

8.   To promote an awareness among students, parents, and educators of high demand technical careers present in today’s workplace.

Policies and Procedures

Participating companies conduct their own interview and selection process.  This may include multiple interviews, health screenings, and/or background checks.  The College has no bearing or control over hiring decisions.  If selected, the sponsoring company will provide fifteen (15) to twenty (20) hours of work each week in a position related to the student’s field of study. 

During a student’s final semester of sponsorship, participating companies should notify Scholars of any full-time employment opportunities, based on company needs, which may exist upon his/her successful completion of Technical Scholars.  If employment opportunities are not available, Scholars will be referred to other participating companies.

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Participating companies may not distribute or share student applications or information.  Participating companies agree not to hire or to actively recruit Technical Scholars who are employed with other participating companies while the Scholars are under sponsorship.  Scholars are strongly encouraged to complete their sponsorship requirements.  Should a Scholar lose his/her sponsorship, he or she may be considered, along with other applicants, for available positions within the participating company.

Technical Scholars Requirements

Technical Scholars are expected to adhere to the regulations listed below.  Failure to do so may result in termination.

1.      A Technical Scholar is expected to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 and be a full-time student (12 semester hours Fall and Spring, 9 semester hours in summer term).

2.      If the Scholar’s GPA falls below the established GPA requirement, the Scholar will be placed on probation.  If the student’s GPA falls below 2.5 during the probationary term, the Scholar will lose his/her Technical Scholars sponsorship.  Exceptions to this will be dealt with on an individual basis with agreement from the sponsoring company, Aiken Technical College, and the Scholar.  Should a Scholar lose his/her sponsorship, he or she may continue at the College bearing his or her own expenses, if the student is not subject to the College’s established academic suspension policy.

3.      If a Scholar must repeat a course, he or she will be responsible for the cost of repeating the course.

4.      The Scholar must maintain a GPA level of 3.0 or better to be eligible to work over twenty (20) hours per week.  Additional work hours are contingent upon the company’s need for the Scholar to work overtime.

5.      Scholars who lose their sponsorship may be required to return all books and supplies billed to the sponsoring company.

6.      Each semester, the participating company and Aiken Technical College advisors evaluate Technical Scholars’ work and academic performance.  Technical Scholars are responsible for reporting their mid-term and final grades, attendance, and other college information to the sponsoring company, in a timely manner, each semester.  At the end of the semester, the College will forward transcripts for Tech Scholars to each company.

7.      Sponsoring companies may expect Scholars to take additional courses and/or to meet other academic or work standards as a part of their sponsorship requirements.

8.      Scholars are subject to losing their sponsorship for not complying with college/academic program policies, procedures, and requirements and/or for not complying with the sponsoring company’s policies, procedures, and requirements.  Scholars in violation of college policies and procedures may be subject to the consequences associated with that specific policy or procedure.

9.      Technical Scholars must enroll in EGR 105, Safety in the Workplace during their first semester in the program.

10.    In accordance with FERPA, Technical Scholars by signing below allow the College to provide the student’s sponsoring company with his/her academic, attendance, and/or other relevant records and information.

How Businesses Can Participate

Sponsoring companies sign a Letter of Agreement (LOA) outlining their responsibilities including an annual $500.00 contribution to the ATC Foundation in support of the Technical Scholars program.  Once the signed LOA is received, our office may immediately begin to forward available Technical Scholars applications for your review. 

Please contact Patsy Fields at fieldsp@atc.edu, if you have any questions about the LOA process.

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