Academic/Class FAQ


Your instructor will provide detailed instructions on how to access course material and use online modules. Please contact your instructor for more information.


Online classes are not self-paced. Students should meet deadlines set by their instructor. If you have trouble meeting a deadline, please communicate with your instructor.

You can find your instructor’s contact information on your syllabus. Full-time faculty information is listed on the ATC website directory. Please note that most faculty can only be contacted through their ATC email address or via Skype for Business.

Final exams are scheduled to be held as planned, April 23-29. Your instructor will provide more details about how the exams will be administered.
  • For technical help with Blackboard, please contact Information Systems Management at
  • For content and coursework help in Blackboard, please contact your instructor.

The College is providing free Wi-Fi services from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily in parking lot 7 next to the Security building. Guidelines for using this service:

  • You must bring your own device. There will be no access to campus buildings, with the exception of the restrooms located adjacent to the parking lot.
  • You must not leave your vehicle. The only exception is to utilize the available restrooms. Prohibited activities include standing outside of your vehicle for an extended period of time and wandering around campus.
  • No more than three people should be grouped together. Social distancing guidelines still apply.
  • Gathering in other campus parking lots or spaces is prohibited.

This area will be patrolled by ATC Campus Security and they will also enforce social distancing guidelines. Security personnel reserve the right to ask those not following campus rules or social distancing guidelines to leave campus.

*The availability of this service is subject to change based on any new guidelines established by the South Carolina Governor’s Office or public health officials.


How to Access MyATC Wi-Fi:

  • Access Wi-Fi connections from your mobile device or laptop.
  • Select “MyATC Wi-Fi” from the available networks.
  • Once connected, open your browser of choice, type in a web address, and the “MyATC Wi-Fi” login screen will appear.
  • Faculty, staff, and students must login using their MyATC Account credentials (username/password) normally used to access computers on campus.

Each student’s situation is unique and would need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Enrollment Services Center at

Each student’s situation is unique and would need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at

Instructors will communicate with students regarding plans for making up instructional time for labs and clinicals.

Student Services and Activities

The Library and Student Success Center are closed through the end of April. You may still access some of their services online.

o You may register for the summer term and/or fall semester once you have been advised, as long as you do not have a hold on your account. Visit for steps on how to register.

You may register for the summer term and/or fall semester once you have been advised, as long as you do not have a hold on your account. Visit for steps on how to register.

  • Yes. Tutoring and coaching have moved online and are available via Skype for Business. English and math tutors will be available online from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tutors for other subjects are available online by appointment. Click here for further instructions and a detailed schedule.
  • In-person tutoring is not currently available.

All face-to-face meetings have been suspended, but your advisor and student officers have tools for virtual meetings. Be on the lookout for opportunities to connect with your organization via Skype, OneDrive, or Google Hangouts.

While there will be no on-campus activities, the Office of Recruitment and Student Experience will be sending daily messages about virtual activities, free services, and tools for staying active. Look for the wATCh emails from ATC Student Activities.

The College offers free career services to our students. Contact Richard Weldon, Director of Counseling & Disability Services at for more information. Students may also visit the College’s online job board at


The College will not observe spring break, formerly scheduled for April 6-10. The flexibility of online classes allows students to continue with spring break plans. Students will still be responsible for any assignments due during the week of April 6-10.

  • Commencement will not be held on May 5. However, the College is exploring other options to ensure graduates are celebrated and recognized for their achievements. Check your ATC email for updates or email if you have questions.
  • Those who have been approved for graduation will still receive their credentials in the mail. At this time, the credentials are planned to be mailed to graduates approximately 6-8 weeks after the end of the spring semester.

Skype for Business is an instant messaging system that allows you to communicate with your instructors, student support services, and fellow students. Click here for an instructions guide to help you get started.

Printers and copiers are unavailable on campus at this time.

Print credits remain active on a student’s account for one year.

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Online Tutoring Hours
Day of the week Opening time Closing time
Monday  Noon 9 p.m.
Tuesday Noon 9 p.m.
Wednesday Noon 9 p.m.
Thursday Noon 9 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. 1 p.m.

*Appointments are also available. Hours may vary by subject. Please visit Blackboard for more details.