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Charges on my Bill

Charges on a student’s bill are usually a result of a transaction initiated by the student (i.e. adding/dropping classes; withdrawing from the college, etc.). It is important that students review their account balance via their ATC Portal every time a transaction is made to see if the transaction resulted in additional fees due. The Bursar's Office can answer questions about charges you may have on your student account.


Bills generated on a student’s account are sent to the student’s ATC email address and can be viewed on the student’s ATC Portal. Email is the only notification process for billing. Bills are only sent via mail once at the end of each term. The student can designate authorized users to view and/or pay charges on their account.

Financial Holds

Failure to pay outstanding charges by established deadlines will result in a financial hold being placed on a student's account. A financial hold prohibits students from future registration, receiving transcripts or diploma. Once the balance has been paid in full, the hold will be removed. Log into your ATC student portal to pay off your account balance.

Returned Checks

A $30.00 NSF Fee will be assessed for all checks returned due to insufficient funds.

  1. The first time a check is returned due to insufficient funds it is re-deposited.
  2. The second time a check is returned for insufficient funds it is submitted to the Worthless Check Unit of the Aiken County Solicitor’s Office for collection. Court Cost of $121.00 or higher will be added to the amount of the check. 

Student will also receive a hold on their account until the returned check and the returned check fee have been paid off. Additionally, we will also require the student to pay by cash or cashier's check.

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