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Payment Plans

What is the Deferred Tuition Payment Plan?

The Nelnet Payment Plan allows students to pay for their tuition and fees over the course of the semester. All tuition and fees must be paid within the semester for which they are incurred. The number of installments depends on the date the payment plan is set-up and the length of the semester.

Based on the amount you owe, payments will be pro-rated accordingly. 

Am I Eligible?

All students are eligible for a Nelnet Payment Plan for a current term balance.

When Do I Apply?

To be eligible for a Nelnet Payment Plan you must apply before the Drop For Non-payment date. After this date, you will need to contact the Cashier’s Office to see what arrangements are available.

How Do I Apply?

Upon registration, you will need to log into your ATC Self-Service. Select “Financial Information,” “Student Finance,” and “Create a Payment Plan”. This will connect you to the Nelnet homepage, where you can set up an account and review your payment plan options. All payment plans require a 25 percent down payment and a $50.00 non-refundable processing fee.

Deferred Tuition Payment Plan Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT: If you have any problems, please call (803) 508-7503.

1. Payment plans CANNOT be set up for any past due balances.

2. A $50 non-refundable processing fee and a 25 percent down payment must be paid through Nelnet and cannot be charged to any type of scholarship, sponsorship or financial aid. Students that have appealed their financial aid termination and are awaiting the determination may initiate a payment plan with a 25 percent down payment and the $50 processing fee.

3. The payment plan is for tuition, fees, and Ready for Success charges only. It cannot be used for additional bookstore purchases or other expenses.

4. Any type of assistance such as financial aid, scholarship or sponsorship must be used before any balance of tuition can be charged to the payment plan.

5. Payments will be accelerated for any student who enters into the payment agreement and subsequently receives financial aid, scholarship or sponsorship. All outstanding balances owed, including any late fees, will be deducted before any refund check will be issued to the student.

6. If an account becomes delinquent, it will be placed on hold status. Registration will not be allowed; and transcripts and diplomas will not be issued.

7. Delinquent accounts become subject to the collection procedures utilized by the College. This may include submission to a collection agency and/or the South Carolina Department of Revenue. Delinquencies may be reported to the major credit bureaus. Any collection costs incurred will be added to the account balance.

8. After notification of a financial aid award, students should check with the payment plan Administrator to be sure their account is paid in full before discontinuing payments.

9. Refunds of tuition and fees are per College Policy located on the Aiken Technical College website:  Refunds and applicable state financial aid will first be used to repay any outstanding balance due.  Federal refunds will be refunded to the student who must then pay any outstanding balances.


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