Computer Technology

Company websites that market products. Data management systems that process and track sales. Essential in-office systems that connect people and projects. Most organizations rely on technology in multiple ways—and technology experts are more essential than ever.

Computer Technology students choose an emphasis in either Networking or Programming, developing specialized, marketable skills based on their interests.

But they also gain broad-based knowledge that provides for greater career flexibility, because major requirements for both areas are the same. Every student studies operating systems, computer hardware, programming languages, web page creation, database management and system analysis and design.


Available Programs
Associate in Applied Science-Computer Technology

  • Emphasis in Networking
    This emphasis provides students with knowledge and skills in hardware and software-specific concepts needed to install, maintain and troubleshoot complex interconnected business systems.
  • Emphasis in Programming
    This emphasis provides students with knowledge and skills in programming languages and applications needed to create, maintain, and troubleshoot software systems and web sites for businesses.

Computer Networking Certificate

Cybersecurity Networking Certificate

Internet Programming Certificate

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